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Controlled Burns

We ask that all residents and visitors to the Beulah area stay vigilant regarding fire safety. Residents who intend to burn yard debris are reminded to contact the Beulah Fire Protection and Ambulance District (485-2367) and the Pueblo County Burn Line (719-583-BURN(2876)) before you burn, and to never leave their burn unattended.


1.  Keep burn piles manageable (10'x10') with 50' clearance from structures.

2.  Winds must be less than 10 MPH

3.  The relative humidity greater than 10%

4.  Only natural vegetation may be burned.

5.  Make sure that there is not currently a burn ban in effect by calling the Burn Line at 583-BURN. 

6.  NO night burns are permitted.

7.  A water source is highly recommended.

Today Fire Danger is:


No outdoor burning is allowed during fire restrictions. There are two stages of burn bans concerning fire restrictions. This page will provide more information on the differences between the two.

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