• FEE: $700.00
    Applications for October 2021 EMT-B class will become available on August 1, 2021. 

The course includes the most recent EMT-B curriculum. Content pertinent to fire-based emergency medical services will be integrated throughout the course. Successful completion of the course will allow the student to sit for the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Certification examinations. This course also prepares students to:

  • Determine the needs at an incident and communicate this information perform scene size-up and determine priorities of care

  • Assure personal, patient, crew, and scene safety

  • Conduct trauma and medical patient assessment

  • Develop a treatment plan, render patient care, and assess its effects

  • Lift and move patients in a safe and expeditious manner

  • Direct and coordinate transport of patients to the appropriate medical facility

  • Maintain rapport and act as an advocate with the patient, support agencies, and hospital personnel

  • Write detailed records on the emergency care that was performed

Occupational Requirements

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age

  • Generally, the knowledge and skills required show the need for a high school education or equivalent

  • Ability to communicate verbally, via telephone and radio equipment

  • Ability to lift, carry and balance up to 125 pounds (250 with assistance)

  • Ability to interpret written, oral, and diagnostic form instructions

  • Ability to use judgment and remain calm in high-stress situations

  • Ability to work effectively in an environment with loud noises and flashing lights

  • Ability to function efficiently throughout an entire work shift

  • Ability to calculate weight and volumes ratios and read small print, both under threatening time constraints

  • Ability to read and understand English language manuals and road maps

  • Ability to accurately discern street signs and address numbers

  • Ability to interview patient, family members, and bystanders

  • Ability to document, in writing, all relevant information in prescribed format in light of legal ramifications of such

  • Ability to converse in English with coworkers and hospital staff as to status of patient

  • Good manual dexterity, with ability to perform all tasks related to highest quality patient care

  • Ability to bend, stoop, and crawl on uneven terrain

  • Ability to withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold, and moisture

  • Ability to work in low light, confined spaces and other dangerous environments

The class is held
at Beulah Fire Department located at: 

8675 Central Ave
Beulah, CO 81023