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About the Auxiliary

Beulah’s fire and medical emergency responders are dedicated citizens who sacrifice personal time to ensure the safety of our community.  Recognizing that their duty requires 24/7 response, sometimes arduous physical activity, and hazards to their own personal safety, the Auxiliary was formed to provide another layer of support to address the unique demands of their service.  Equipping and training these volunteers to be most effective often exceeds the resources the Beulah Fire and Ambulance District receives through local taxes.  Our team of 9 trustees and numerous community supporters work together to achieve the 3 major goals of procuring funds through grants, organizing fundraisers, and providing sustenance for our volunteers during an extended incident response.


Securing funding for equipment, apparatus and personal protective gear is of vital importance.  Being a tax exempt, non-profit organization enables the Auxiliary to apply for grants not available to the District.  If you know of a grant opportunity that would meet the needs of our agency please contact us.



From the beginning the Auxiliary has focused on reaching out to the community that the District serves through fundraising.   Fundraisers build our financial resources and at the same time provide an opportunity for social and community-building activities.  Last year we participated in three very different fundraisers – the Taste of Beulah, the Community Garage Sale and the Cowboy Poetry Gathering.  All are annual events that continue to grow in participation and popularity with area residents.  By popular demand, we’re planning a typical fire department Pancake Breakfast.  Details coming soon!  In 2014 the Auxiliary raised over $12,000.


Feeding our Fire Dept

The Auxiliary also supports the Beulah Fire and Ambulance District responders whenever they are dispatched to fire and rescue emergencies.  Our fire fighters can spend anywhere from a few hours up to several days before completing their mission.  The Auxiliary provides the much needed sustenance that helps keep our volunteers functioning at their highest level.   

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