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The History of Beulah Fire

Beulah Fire Chiefs

1949-1976 Ray Traeber
1976-1999 Stanton Hiatt
1999-2000 Darrell Clark
2000-2001 Brad Donley
2001-2011 Ron Jones
2011-2013 Steve Belport
2013-Present Bryan Ware

    Beulah Valley Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1949 after the total loss of the Townsend house on middle creek. With the realization that the expanding community would benefit from fire protection the department was formed with Ray Traeber as first Fire Chief. Thanks to a donation from the city of Pueblo the department acquired one mounted steal tank with a 500 gallon capacity. In 1955 the first dedicated station was established on donated land and constructed with volunteer labor. The original station now known as station one was later expanded in 1976.Station 2 was later established in 2007 as the needs for another station to better serve the community became apparent.

     During its years of service, the department has responded to numerous calls. The largest response effort came during the Mason Gultch Fire in 2005. The fire was caused by a lightning strike and was fueled due to drought conditions, causing the evacuation of approximately 2,000 families. Although this fire threatened many houses to structures or properties were lost.


The Beulah Volunteer First Aid Service was esablished in 1977. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers money was gathered to purchase a dodge ambulance. This was kept at responders properties until Joe Bergles and his 7th grade class were given the task of building a garage at the school in 1996. Most of the students had never built anything of this magnitude but thanks to thier hard work they were able to build the garage that still holds the ambulance today.


Construction 1st part of the firehouse in 1955.

Wesley (Dutch) Klipfel, Albert Oster, and Ray Traeber. 

Beulah EMS

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of both agencies and the support of the community Beulah Valley Volunteer Fire depart and Beulah EMS joined in 2013 and became Beulah FIre Protection and Ambulance Agency. Allowing both agencies to continue to serve the community and it residents.

Training Pictures
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